Funded Learning & CITB Tests

CITB Tests

P2E is now a Pearson Vue Approved Internet Test Centre (ITC) in Pontypridd. A newly established and modern test centre, P2E’s ITC is an excellent place to start or continue your construction career. A 45 minute exam with your results handed to you before you leave. Fourteen exams available. Operative, Specialist & Managers. The tests ensure that you will gain the latest knowledge and understanding of what is required of you in your chosen career.

Employability Support Service

P2E are proud to be tackling youth and adult economic inactivity and unemployment throughout South Wales to those who require further training, mental health or substance dependency support.


P2E’s Multiply Numeracy training is a specialised program that helps people get better at using numbers and managing money. Whether you're a parent struggling with helping their children with their maths homework, someone who wants to do better at work, or just need help with everyday maths/finance tasks, p2e’s Multiply numeracy training programme is there to help.